Spain and Pollo Español


In 2006 I spent a week in Benalmedena with my two kids who were both teenagers at the time. It was a wondeful time with lots of things to keep us busy at all times. At the time some of the highlights of the week were animal related but now that we have learned a lot more and become more aware of what lies behind some (not all) animal related tourist attractions I’m not so sure that we would feel the same way now as we did then.

Another highlight of the week was the most amazing Magic Show. It was definitely the best Magic Show that we have ever seen.

One of the day trips that we went on was to The Rock of Gibraltar. The first surprise we had there was when we got on the bus only to find a family who were former next door neighbours of ours. Not so surprising really as Spain is a very popular destination for the Irish. When we got to Gibraltar we were amazed to be able to see North Africa on the horizon. It’s not that far from mainland Spain and day trips between the two places are popular. My son who was seventeen at the time hadn’t noticed us driving across the bridge onto Gibraltar and caused us all to have a good giggle at him when he spotted Africa and asked “is that Gibraltar?” with me answering “no that is Africa.” You probably need to have been there to see it as being funny but it still makes me laugh.

When I think about Spain I immediately think of lots of warm colours and feelings of happiness remembering my time there (even if it was only a week). That is why I picked Pollo Español (Spanish Chicken) as my dish for Spanish night. When I was looking for a recipe I found several different variations but as always I ended up having to adjust the recipe to suit my cooker and the lack of availability of some of the ingredients.


2 chicken fillets (chicken pieces with the skin on gives lots more flavour)

1 medium onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 chicken stock cube

1 can of chopped tomatoes

2 red peppers

Black olives to taste

Fresh parsley leaves to taste

6-8 potatoes (depending on size) for the mash


Brown the chicken then saute the onions, garlic and peppers. Add the tomatoes and stock cube and simmer until heated through and chicken is fully cooked. (real chicken stock can also be used but be careful not to end up with too much liquid). Lastly add the Black Olives and heat through. This can all be done on a stove top or once the tomatoes and stock are added it can be transferred to an oven dish and finish in the oven. Cook and mash the potatoes and spread on top of the the chicken. Alternatively you can add potato chunks to the chicken mixture which I think is the way I will do it next time. That way there is extra flavour soaked up into the potato and saves on the washing up as only one pot is needed. If cooking in the oven I would definitely recommend doing it this way. Add the parsley at the last possible moment that way it adds a nice little contrast in the colour as well as giving flavour. Next serve and enjoy.

Join me next time for Australia night.



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I have always been fascinated by other countries and their cultures and have wanted to travel. Ten years ago at the age of 42 I got my first passport and my travel adventures began. Over the next few years I travelled both for holiday and to live abroad. Now I am in the position that for now at least I have to put my travel experiences on hold. However I still have a huge desire to learn and experience as much as I can about other countries and their cultures. Until I can tavel again I will feed this desire by learning as much as I can through research and communicating with people from other countries so that when the time is right I will be well prepared for the adventures to come.

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